How to Become a Designer

How to Become a Designer

Are you a graduation from the design school? If yes you are, your future job must be a designer, isn’t it? You should know that while you are deciding to get a designer job, you can get better future because this job is looked for many companies around you even if it is a startup companies or large companies. Each of company needs at least two or more designer based on what they need for their company too.

Now the question is can you be a designer if you are not a graduation from the design school? For this problem, there is nothing we can’t do this day. You can do anything you want because you can get easily in accessing the information related to become a designer with none design school. There is no impossible things in this life and so this problem too. If you really want to be a designer, you should have a strong willing inside your heart to do everything you should do and no matter what the problem you face, you still want to be a designer.

It is quiet hard while you want to become a designer by learning all of them by your own self because you should fight with your own laziness to become the successful designer. If you have a strong willing to become a designer, you should know well what you will face to reach the designer job.

Here are some lists for you to follow these steps and you can become a designer and works in company as what you want. Well, notice that if you think that you should learn the editor application, you are wrong because you should build the basic of designer first.

Build the basic

Build the basic
In this step, you are asking for: first you should learn how to draw, you should not get expert in drawing, you just have to master in some basics. Second, you should learn about the graphic design theory and get some basic tutorial to make you understand about this job. Third, you should know how to write. A good designer is also a good communicator. Ensure you have used the proper word to insult your reader in your website.

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Learn to use illustrator and editor application
You should learn how to use illustrator and editor application you can get in many tutorial website you can find. You can apply your drawing to the editor application and see if you can apply your design to this applicator or not.

Learn some specialties
If you have mastered the editor application as well as illustrator, you can go to the next level of it. You can try to learn making the logo design, mobile app design, as well as web design. There are many sources you can get to learn those specialties.

Build up your portfolio
You can build up your portfolio by attaching your own design that you have made before but make sure the design looks expert one.


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